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Natalie Ronda

masseuse & spiritual coach


I am Natalie,  holistic massage therapist, spiritual coach and healer. During the last 8 yearsI have dedicated my time to the continuous study of the art of holistic massage as a tool for healing and recovery of the physical body. At the same time I have carried out studies on metaphysics and quantum physics, which have allowed me to integrate in my technical therapies of liberation and restoration of the energetic field of the person and her environment. I invite you to enter my website, to show you how my spiritual evolution was my best teacher in my professional development as a massage therapist, and spiritual guide to the awakening of consciousness of others.

How to book

-My services of massage and energy therapies are with mobile service in hotels/ apartments/home.

-Maximum 3 person in your reservation.

-The reservations will made ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.

-For reservations in hotels there is a surcharge of 10 euros.

-My online healing services will have one hour of free consultation before starting.

Bookings and information:

633 144 568

if you are here it is no coincidence

My therapies and methods are aimed at people who are in a point of life of blockage, stagnation and constant worry. For those who find it impossible to disconnect the mind from confused, pessimistic and chaotic thoughts. Who only live looking towards an uncertain future. Those who have lost the connection with their physical field (body) somatizing repressed emotions and traumas in the form of muscle pain, fatigue or lack of vital energy.

Specialising in Quantum Healing – Chakra and Aura Healing- Therapeutic Massage- Bio energy healing Massage- Ayurvedic Medicine- Reiki healing- Holistic Energy Healing- psychic reading