General conditions

Booking conditions     

  • Subject to availability     
  • In case of cencel, this must be 48 hours before your appointment.
  • In case of cancel within 48 hours before the appointment, there is no return, just modificiation of the appointment.    
  •  We grant 15 minutes of courtesy of delay.

Bond Conditions    

  •  Subject to availability 
  •   The bonuses will be available from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays. Except for the particular condition of the bond.
  •   Not compatible with other promotions, offers or special prices.
  •  Except for the particular condition of the bonus, the sessions cannot be shared.
  •  Our vouchers have an expiration year on massage bonds and 6 months on beauty bonds, except for the particular condition of the           bonus.    
  • No refund, if you cannot continue with your bonus, it could be exchanged for a similar treatment.

Promotions Conditions     

  • Subject to availability     
  • They have no return, in case of not being able to attend, with a 24-hour notice before your reservation, the day and time will be modifie
  •  Wellnes day promotions may be modified 24 hours before your reservation, for a day and time where such promotion is also given.
  •  The promotions may be made from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, unless the promotion is specific

Return Conditions    

  •  Returns will be made in money within 30 days of purchasing your product. After this time no returns will be made
  •  The duration of the gift cards is one year from purchase, after this time and with prior notice, the time can be extended for 6 more months     
  • Once the 30-day return period has elapsed, you can only exchange the product for another product of equal value or paying the difference in case of a higher value.