Facial / Body Radiofrequency Bonus

Body Radio Frequency Treatment
5 October, 2017
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5 October, 2017

Facial / Body Radiofrequency Bonus


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Radiofrequency is a therapeutic alternative for cellulite and body flaccidity as it is a method that by means of a deep and controlled heating that affects the skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue.

One of the most notable benefits along with the loss of fat and cellulite is the production of natural collagen. This causes you to lose sagging, gain smoothness and better skin color. While there is a decrease in fat volume there is a compression of the subcutaneous fibers so there is a real reduction.

Areas that can treat
– Arms
– Abdomen
– Legs
– Buttocks

– Subject to availability
– They have no refund, in case of not being able to attend, with a 24 hour notice before your reservation, the day and time will be modified.
– Wellnes day promotions, may be modified 24 hours before your reservation, for a day and time where the promotion is also.
– The promotions may be made from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, except in the particular condition of the promotion.


4 sessions 50 minutes, 8 sessions 50 minutes


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