Naya Ritual (Oxygen Therapy)

Ritual Naisha Shiatsu
6 July, 2017
Ayurvedic Ritual Champi or head massage
6 July, 2017

Naya Ritual (Oxygen Therapy)



Give light to your face, purify it and feel as it breathes. Exclusive facial treatment focused on oxygenating the epidermis. Giving an extra luminosity to the face, homogenizing the skin tone and providing the silk touch you need. Naisha meets in this facial treatment a selection of high cosmetics based on vitamin C and antioxidants. Discover the immediate liftinf effect.


  • Deep cleaning
  • Intense exfoliation
  • Enzymatic peeling
  • Carbon mask
  • Natural seaweed mask
  • Cocktail application of vitamins C and other antioxidant
  • Cranial shiatsu massage and foot reflexology


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