Naisha Fusion Ritual + Hot Stones

Naisha Fusion Ritual
6 July, 2017
Polynesian ritual
6 July, 2017

Naisha Fusion Ritual + Hot Stones



Sublime ritual of corporal and muscular relaxation, to reach the maximum balance mind-body. Perfect fusion of Asian techniques, together with the healing energy of hot stones. Harmonization of energies through the activation of the seven energy centers “chakras”. Flow and feel it with our selection of exquisite essential oils.

Works contractures and tensions in cervical and lumbar.
Works throughout the body, activating blood circulation and improving varicose veins and tired legs.
Remarkable improvement for high states of anxiety, nervousness or insomnia.
It balances the energy channels and works the emotional blocks.
Recommended for business people with high levels of stress, who need to relieve tensions.


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