Naisha Ritual Fusion to give as a gift

Naisha Fusion Wellness Day Ritual
20 September, 2017
Sports Massage + Kinesiology
20 September, 2017

Naisha Ritual Fusion to give as a gift


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Submerge, disconnect, feel. Our most exclusive Ritual, where we delicately merge the best of the West and Asia (shiatsu, ayurveda, lomi-lomi). Choice of massage techniques focused on the deep muscles and tensional relief of tissues. Ritual to harmonize body and mind in a unique balance in relaxation. Feel the touch of our exquisite selection of essential oils.

Works contractures and tensions in cervical and lumbar.
Works throughout the body, activating blood circulation and improving varicose veins and tired legs.
Remarkable improvement for high states of anxiety, nervousness or insomnia.
It balances the energy channels and works the emotional blocks.
Recommended for business people with high levels of stress, who need to relieve tensions.


40 minutes (€ 40), 60 minutes (€ 60), 90 minutes (€ 80), 4 hand 70 minutes (€ 100)