Naisha Shiatsu Ritual Bonus

Naisha Therapy ACUPUNCTURE
6 July, 2017
Naisha Acupuncture Therapy Bonus
25 July, 2017

Naisha Shiatsu Ritual Bonus



Relaxing organic tea
Manual therapy originated in Japan. The pressure with the thumbs that is exerted in the shiatsu massages coincides with the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine. It works through pressures, gentle stretching and acupressure.
The client is dressed in comfortable clothes. It is practiced in thermal futon.
Ends with reiki and Tibetan relaxation

Helps to alleviate different types of problems, not only physical but psycho-emotional:
anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, depression
Method of preventive medicine, since it stimulates the immune system and the natural healing power of the human body.
Work emotional blocks and energy channels
Improvement of lumbago and blood circulation in legs.
Intense relaxation between body and mind.


3 sessions 60 minutes


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