Pack Armony

The perfect gift to harmonize body and soul. Selection of rituals to share and disconnect.


It Includes

– 2 sessions Fusion Naisha Ritual (60 min each )
– 2 sessions Hot stone ritual (60 min each)
– 2 session foot massage or head massage (30 min each)


– Applicable from monday to saturday
– Posibility to do in one day Check availability
– Possibility to share
– Expires per year

Pack Essence Balance

A purifying ceremony for body and soul. Exquisite selection of ours rituals to take care of body and face.


It Includes

– 2 sessions Naya facial Treatment with paraffin on feet ( 80 min each)
– 2 sessions ayurvedic pindas Ritual (90 min each)
– 2 sessions pada -abyhanga (foot massage), or champing massage (head massage) (30 min sessions)


-Applicable from monday to saturday
-2 sessions per day
-Possibility to share
-Expires per year