I am Natalie Ronda, first of all welcome to my space, where you can find the tools you need right now to continue your path towards awakening.

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you who I decided to be and the reasons that prompted me to identify myself as a Spiritual Guide in the awakening of consciousness, Tranpersonal therapist and Channelizer.

Although my spirituality was merged as my profession just 8 years ago, my path began at birth. Everything that my spirituality would recognize in my consciousness was represented during the intense journey of life without the sense of why it happened.
Since I was a child I questioned all kinds of knowledge that I was receiving in my environment, I was looking for answers to my internal concerns but the answers that came barely resonated with me.
It was during my process as a holistic therapist, where I began to open responses from my interior to my exterior, shaping my world with what vibrated and resonated in me. Right at that stage I began the path that I call Opening of Consciousness, you feel that something in you is different, but you still do not perceive the broader sense of what you are experiencing.

In my stage within the Holistic world I began by training in ancestral massage disciplines, which helped me not only to grow professionally, but also gave me more wisdom about myself, to reach the point that I call The Awakening of Consciousness.
Each discipline that I experienced was a recognition of a part of me that seemed to have known all that; in fact, I always first experienced my qualities for each discipline and later I acquired the theory or knowledge of what I experienced.

Among the disciplines I was trained in Ayurveda Massage, which resulted in my own Bio-energetic massage method. It was the union of Reiki, Ayurveda, Deep tissue massage and my Psychic qualities that would allow me to develop my massage technique.

The Bio Energetic massage allowed me to work body-mind-soul in unison; acknowledging, releasing and restoring blocked energy. Thanks to the Bio Energetic massage I was able to recognize the fields of the mind and emotion distributed throughout the body, whose blockages or dissociations will manifest in the physical body with numerous symptoms, it is the most visible and tangible part of the process. The observation, analysis and experience of my process as a bio-energy massage therapist allowed me to design a base sequence for my sessions; This sequence is a fundamental tool in my therapies to locate the physical field of my patients.

My personal evolution on the way to the recognition of my Soul, allowed me to join one more way to my therapies, it was the way that we developed in our mental field; For this I started in the world of Neuro Emotion, the development of our field of thoughts and ideas that had been retained by dense and unhealed emotions, and that were reflected in our compartments and actions.
The experience and results about myself of the methods that I designed of how to disengage the thoughts, limiting beliefs and other people’s experiences to arrive at the original thoughts and ideas about my attitudes towards blocked areas of life; which allowed me to apply it in my sessions as a main tool to unblock the limitations in others.

The power to eliminate my filters and live a fully conscious life, from who I am, has made my sessions authentic experiences of recognition of the being of another through me. It has been the force of evolution of my psychic capacities towards the part of me that today allows me to CHANNEL, TRANSMUTE, RESTORE AND IDENTIFY all the energy fields that congregate in the sessions, and that help and intensify the process in which both you and I’ll dive

The result of my evolution is who I am, a person who RECREATED himself through the MEMORY of her SOUL

How do I know if I am in the awakening of consciousness?

Not all people evolve internally in the same way, there are those who at an early age find themselves fully with this wonderful door of life, or who through the years experience this great leap.

Regardless of how old you are, almost all of us encounter the door of consciousness in the same way; I call it the CHAOS PRIOR TO THE NEW ORDER.

It is a chaos that takes us into an introspection, where we will question everything that we know and that we automatically perform on a daily basis. This chaos many times is preceded by a great life experience (illness, materialized fears, personal traumas, end of toxic relationships, close deaths) that will make us stop the rhythm or the direction we are taking. This life experience that we must face, even not wanting to, is accompanied by the great reward, your AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Many people think why me and why now, it is simply your moment, it is the exact time in which you need to put an end to everything that has been disconnecting you from who you really are. As we cannot be able to take up that connection on our own and stop imposed life rhythms, it is life itself that presents us with that second chance to LIVE. But as I told you, nothing comes in the form of a blessing until you are ready to feel it, so this CHAOS comes to connect you and relocate you.

Symptoms of awakening consciousness

-Unexpected life experience, almost in most cases traumatic, but surmountable; connected to our latent fears. For example, if we are afraid of losing our house and we base our life on strict savings, only working and depriving ourselves of living peacefully, it often happens that we suddenly lose our job and no economy (it begins in chaos). After overcoming stages of this level (the new order begins), we manage to enter a new I, here is your new approach to perceive life (opening of consciousness connected to your Being, not your Ego).

Lack of motivation towards everyone that we used to do in our day, we question why we do it, what we are looking for in those actions. The people with whom we normally carry out these actions begin to cause us rejection, apathy or reluctance. Tranbquil @ you are experiencing the evolution of your interior and changing your vibrational frequency.
We feel a temporary fatigue, not associated with diseases, without apparent cause. We feel how our energy at certain hours of the day goes extremely low, and rises again autonomously. These are usually at least three weeks.
We suffer from insomnia waking up at specific times, despite insomnia we find energy when we wake up. Although it comes down at different times of the day.
We feel like closed spaces within minutes of being there change our mood, lower our energy or exhaust us.
Our body constantly asks us for water.
Lucid dreaming.
There are more particular symptoms, where social or family factors intercede as well. In most cases, these symptoms tend to occur almost all, in this case it is time to set off towards the new path that opens before you.

How do you start Natalie therapy?

In the cases of awakening of conscience we will always start with a previous diagnosis:

Checking the energy field, important to know if the person is having dense or negative energy influences
Checking the physical and energetic field, through the BIO Energetic massage I will be able to evaluate how the disconnection is affecting the functioning of our organs and immune system.
Session of reconnection with the SUPERIOR SELF. In this part of the check-up the person will be immersed in meditation and intuition. This part of the session is the awakening of the knowledge of the soul that the person carries with him, returning to feel everything that has been in his unconscious.
After this Energetic Checkup, a study will be made of the sessions that are needed, adapting the physical, energetic and mental tools for the liberation of the previous limiting beliefs.

How long does Awareness therapy last?

At least 1 month is needed to make a good diagnosis and begin to see results.

Maximum 3 months. Afterwards, specific checks can be carried out, it depends on the person to what extent their awakening is. There will be many people who feel that they are bound to link their awakening with their profession, in this case more knowledge and techniques will be needed.

The goal of therapy is to get the person to continue alone on the path with the basis of self-discovery that therapy has provided.